East Indian Documents

East Indians in Bellingham
Author / Source Title / Description PDF Date
Puget Sound American, p. 2 Hindus scared by plans to oust them icon-web 9/16/1906
Puget Sound American, p. 16 Have we a dusky peril? icon-web 9/16/1906
Industrial Magazine 7(2) 1907 pp. 531-532. A New Asiatic Peril icon-web 1907
American Reveille, May 21, 1907 p. 4 Hindus in Bellingham denounced as Public Nuisance icon-web 5/21/1907
Blaine Journal, May 24, 1907, p. 3 5/24/1907
American education, Vol 11 [Sept. 1907] p. 96 (Boston University) icon-web 9/1907
Public Disgrace, Bellingham Herald Editorial on riot icon-web 9/5/1907
Hyatt, letter Business letter on riot from Bellingham Bay Co. Land Agent icon-web
Blaine Journal, September 6, 1907, p. 4 icon-web 9/6/1907
Dens of Dirt, Bellingham Herald on East Indians and their antagonists including labor. icon-web 9/6/1907
Hindus have Left us, Bellingham Herald Departure of East Indians and reactions of citizens. icon-web
Victoria Daily Colonist p. 4. [Editorial] icon-web 9/7/1907
A.W. Mangum, letter Opinion on riot in private letter from soil scientist residing in Bellingham icon-web 9/8/1907
Denunciation hurled from pulpits, Bellingham Herald Sermons of ministers on the riot icon-web 9/9/1907
Rev. Wark, Bellingham Herald Clergyman’s column responding to the riot and need for toleration. icon-web 9/14/1907
Nya Världen Whither are we drifting. icon-web 9/22/1907
Werter D. Dodd, World Today, Vol 13 1907, pp. 1157-1160. The Hindu in the Northwest icon-web 10/1907
Irwin, Collier's Bellingham riot story embedded in series on the Japanese on the Pacific Coast. icon-web 10/12/1907
City of Bellingham and Whatcom County, Washington. Joint Proclamation icon-web 8/14/2007
— 100 years after riot coverage: our apology
— Sept. 2, 2007 - 1907 Bellingham mob forced East Indian workers from town
— Sept. 2, 2007 - City, county will mark 'day of healing' Tuesday
— Sept. 3, 2007 - 1907 Bellingham riot sparked other actions against immigrants
— Sept. 3, 2007 - New Sikh arrivals feel welcomed.
    Local temple members will mark 100th anniversary of Bellingham 'Hindu' riots
— Sept. 3, 2007 - Immigrants often face animosity, historians say

East Indian Immigration
Author / Source Title / Description PDF Date
The Canadian magazine, Volume 28 Canada's New Immigrant icon-web 2/1907
East Indians in Everett, WA     11/4/1907
Victoria Daily Colonist p. 4. [Editorial] icon-web 11/5/1907
F.G. Moorhead “The Foreign Invasion of the Northwest”   1908
The Advance Advocate. Italians vs. Hindus. (From the Tacoma Ledger ) icon-web 8/22/1908
Gage, The American Federationist (23-24) Hindu Immigration. icon-web 1909
Scheffauer, The Forum “Tide of Turbans,” article on the wave of East Indian immigration. icon-web 1910