East Indian Documents - Hyatt, 1907

Excerpt of Letter from G. C. Hyatt, Land Agent, to H.H. Taylor, Pres. Of Bellingham Bay Improvement Co., San Francisco Sept. 5, 1907

…Under separate cover I enclose you morning paper setting out in detail a riot which occurred last night wherein the Hindo (sic) population amounting to about 400 was intimidated and many of them driven from town. I do not think that this would have been classified as a riot in San Francisco. There was not bloodshed and the crowd was composed to a large extent of boys, although most every branch of organized labor was represented and the movement has doubtless their full approval. This is in all probability the first step toward Unionizing the mills and is the end which I feared last summer and is the reason that prompted me to refuse to Unionize my small force of builders. This condition will soon effect business in all lines and is a diversion to be regretted. …

[Bellingham Bay Improvement Co. Records, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies]